Jeff Sonsalla

Jeff SonsallaI was born November 1, 1968 in Arcadia, Wisconsin. I grew up on a beef and swine farm and am the youngest of seven children. As a child I would ride my bike to the neighbors who had farmyard bantam chickens. I thought those chickens were the coolest things and wanted to get some of my own but Dad said no. Raising chickens was placed on hold.

I graduated from Arcadia High School in 1987. I next attended the University of Wisconsin – Madison for undergraduate work and veterinary school. I graduated from Veterinary School in May of 1993. My wife Patti and I married in May 1994. We have 3 children.

From 1993 to 2003 I worked at Clinton-Darien Veterinary Service in southern Wisconsin. One of my partners was Jeoff Stevens. He raised purebred LF Black Ameraucanas. I really liked their muffs, beards and colored eggs. In 2003 our family moved back to Arcadia, Wisconsin and started Hometown Veterinary Clinic. We treat mostly small animals (cats and dogs). Shortly after moving we started with a small flock of mixed breed back yard chickens. In 2007 I met Bob Kretschmer. He found purebred chicks for our fair and introduced us to the whole purebred poultry show world.

Ameraucanas became my favorite breed and wheaten my favorite variety. Shortly after this I found out Mike Gilbert co-developed the Ameraucana breed and he lived close by. Mike and I currently are members of the Coulee Region Poultry Club which has its show in Galesville, Wisconsin every June. I am an APA member and a lifetime Ameraucana Alliance member.

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