Michael Muenks

Michael Muenks has lived in Central Missouri for most of his life. His first introduction to poultry was at five years of age when he wanted to be just like his Grandpa and have Muscovy ducks. By the time he was ten he had some barnyard bantams from the farm of an extended family member and the next year in 1981 he hatched his first blue egg layers from an assortment of hatching eggs from a local exotic poultry keeper in 1981. Two black bantam pullets hatched from the two blue eggs included in the mix. The pullets looked very much like Belgian d’Anver in type. Sadly, the person the eggs came from left the area before more hatching eggs could be obtained. The enjoyment of blue egg layers led to an order of wheaten blue egg layers from Marti Poultry in Windsor, Missouri in 1984. Eventually in the early 1990s the last of his blue egg layers were dispersed as his attention turned to marching in the Madison Scouts Drum and Bugle Corps and college. Michael Muenks

As with all poultry people, he was drawn back to keeping chickens in the late 1990s as a newlywed after purchasing a small farm in California, MO. The chicken coop was attended to before the house was fully moved into and the first bantam hatchery Easter Eggers arrived. Not long after that he connected with members of what was called the Ameraucana Breeders Club at that time. He eventually become an active member of the Club serving in several positions of the Club leadership in the first decade of the new century. During that time, he had breeding pens for all 8 bantam and large fowl varieties and was a part of the early efforts to breed lavender bantam Ameraucana. Many hatching eggs and some chicks were shipped from Bantam Hill during that time.

Early fall of 2010 saw the disbursement of his Ameraucana as the family moved to the Chicago area for a new job/career opportunity. The move was short-lived and lasted only a year. By the spring of 2012 Bantam Hill was back up and running only to be cut short by Michael’s father being involved in a terrible car wreck that left his father, after a nine-month recovery from the physical injuries from the accident, in need of constant care due a traumatic brain injury from which there was no recovery. Michael remained a member of the Club during that time and helped with things as he could but dedicated his time to the care of his family, father, and mother.

A few Ameraucana rejoined Bantam Hill over that time, but most years no hatching was done due to time commitments and poultry shows became mostly a fond memory. The Ameraucana he had reminded him of better days and friends.

Now, after the passing of both his parents he is honored to serve the Ameraucana Alliance, keepers of Ameraucana, and the Ameraucana breed as a Director. Being a bit seasoned after the last decade of challenges, he is focused on Ameraucana bantams, helping the Alliance, and supporting his fellow club members.

His personal goal is to have nice breeding pens for all 8 varieties of bantam Ameraucana along with lavender bantam Ameraucana and spread the word that bantam Ameraucana are AWESOME!

Michael Muenks <BantamHill.Ameraucana [at] gmail.com>