Join the Ameraucana Alliance

To join please fill out the Membership Form and mail or email it to the Ameraucana Alliance.    

Use the email address or mailing address that are printed on the Membership Form.

Use the PayPal buttons, below, to pay for up to 3 years using the dropdown boxes OR send a check payable to the “Ameraucana Alliance”.

To renew a membership, before it lapses, just use the PayPal buttons or send a check. 

A Membership Form isn’t needed to renew your membership, but it is if your membership lapses and you rejoin or there are changes to make.

Annual club dues (Newsletters via email - 3 years for just $25!)
Annual club dues (Newsletters via US Mail - to a US Zip Code)
Lifetime membership dues (Newsletter emailed or Printed & Mailed to a address with a US Zip Code for an additional annual charge*)

First time members receive an Ameraucana Handbook!  It includes HISTORY OF THE AMERAUCANA FOWL, by Michael K Gilbert.

All members receive quarterly Ameraucana Newsletters, may be registered on the Ameraucana Forum, may be listed in the Ameraucana Directory and are eligible for awards & Exhibitor Points offered by the club for wins at sanctioned meets.  

Even if you join late in the year you’ll receive all 4 of the quarterly Ameraucana Newsletters for that year! 

Option 1: Individual membership dues are $10.00/year, with Ameraucana Newsletters received by email.  SPECIAL - $25 for 3 Years!

Option 2: Individual membership dues are $17.00/year, with Ameraucana Newsletters received by U.S. mail (must have a Zip code).

Option 3: Lifetime Membership dues are $200/Individual, with Ameraucana Newsletters received by email, *but for an additional $7/year Newsletters will be sent via U.S. mail (must have a Zip code). 

Dues are due annually, by January 1st to avoid a lapse in membership.  You may pay dues for up to 3 years in advance to avoid paying for possible future increases.  Dues are not refundable. Children, 17 and under, in your household may be included as members under an adult's Individual membership.