Honorary Vice Presidents of the Ameraucana Alliance

Ameraucana Alliance Honorary Vice President(s) - Refer to constitution/bylaws Article 2 

The Board of Directors has established the following policy.  No more than three members may hold the office of honorary lifetime Vice President at any one time.  Persons so nominated by the Board of Directors must be elected by majority vote of the Board of Directors. Vice Presidents receive Lifetime membership status in the Ameraucana Alliance. The Ameraucana Alliance “honors” and values the experience and advice our Vice Presidents have to offer.  All Honorary Vice Presidents will be included in all discussions and decisions of the Board, by simply including their email addresses with those of the Board members and using “reply all”, unless they choose to opt out.  Vice Presidents are encouraged to participate in the discussions and give their opinions, but are not voting members of the Board of Directors. An Honorary Vice President may also hold an office on the Board of Directors.  
Honorary Vice Presidents:

Frank L Gary, NJ 1983 (1897-1985, deceased)

Don K Cable, CA 1985 (1933-2018, deceased)

Michael K Gilbert, WI 1987

Jerry A Segler, Il

James A Fegan, MI