Mindy Waters

I live in Southeastern Washington state with my husband and four children. We have a small homestead and raise and process most of our own meat. I have an extensive garden and love growing and preserving. Raising poultry and other animals brings me so much joy and I love teaching my own kids and others about husbandry and self-sufficiency. Mindy Waters

I've been breeding Standard-bred Ameraucanas since 2018 and I truly love this breed. I've been showing since 2019 and hope to continue doing so for a very long time. I currently work with laced Blues, Splash, and Black Large Fowl Ameraucanas.

I hope to spark a passion for Standard-bred Ameraucanas and continue to promote this amazing breed and help educate others. I judge county fair poultry market and breed classes and 4-H/FFA showmanship in my state and I aspire to become an APA and ABA poultry judge in the future, likely after my own "chicks" leave the nest. I spend a lot of time studying poultry genetics, poultry breed history, and both Standards of Perfection. I'm glad to help where I can! 

Mindy Waters <thewaterstead [at] gmail.com>