Mike Gilbert - Honoray Vice President

Born in 1943, married Mary in 1965, and father of four grown children.  Raised on a small dairy farm in the coulee region of western Wisconsin.  Mike GilbertServed in the U. S. Navy during the Vietnam era.  Business Administration degree from La Crosse State University in 1970, then studied Business Management at Colorado State University, Fort Collins.  Retired tax accountant and consultant.  Co-founded Ameraucana Bantam Club in 1978 with Don Cable.   Developed many original strains of Ameraucana bantams, and several of Ameraucana large fowl.  Life member of the American Poultry Association and the American Bantam Association.  APA Master Exhibitor #385.  Current secretary/treasurer of Chantecler Fanciers International.  Created two varieties of Chantecler bantams.  Co-founder and recording secretary for western Wisconsin's Coulee Region Poultry Club.  Was the 2015 honoree of the Master Cup Poultry Show.  Resides on 154 acre family farm in northern La Crosse County, Wisconsin.  Active member, elder, and adult Bible Study leader at Bethel Evangelical Lutheran Church of Galesville and Arcadia, Wisconsin. 

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