Brian Bailey


I am Brian Bailey of Sunny Acres Farm from Mechanicsburg Ohio.  I am Air Force veteran and work professionally as an IT contractor for the Air Force so I hope to be able to assist the club with any technology needs that they have. Brian Bailey

I am a member of the Ohio Poultry Breeders and assist with the Ohio National Poultry Show.  My kids and I show both large fowl and bantam Ameraucana.  We have Ermine and Black LF and Wheaten and Blue Wheaten bantams.  We attend quite a few shows during the year and always enjoy talking to other club members.  

I choose this club because everyone we meet was always so welcoming and friendly.  We started showing chickens in 2019 when my daughter wanted to take chickens for 4-H.  After that the chicken obsession started.  We show a variety of different breeds of chickens, ducks and guinea.  We also just got a Sebastopol gosling at the Dayton Fancy Feather show because of the children, so we will see how that goes.  We got our Ameraucana in 2021 and started showing in 2022 so we are still really new to the breed and learning more about them everyday.  I always think we have some really good birds until we go to the shows and realize we still have a long ways to go.  I am excited to be working with the Ermine variety to get them approved in the standard.  They still have some work to do to get the type right but we are getting there.  Most people that see them just love them and that makes it easy to get them in a lot of breeders hands to work with to improve them quickly.  I was honored to be asked by Russell to fill in as a director until the upcoming election.  Thank You for the opportunity to be your director and to serve the club in any capacity that is needed.

Brain Bailey <beetle3211 [at]>